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Lucky with 30 years of experience in moulded corrosion resistant pumps for chemical process industry introduces fluoropolymer lined valves and accessories under the brand, lns. Valves and accessories are lined with PFA or fep fluoropolymers. In line with lucky's design philosophy of designing products that are simple, rugged and reliable using the most appropriate material, lns uses top quality, virgin (undyed) lining material to achieve optimum material properties
PFA is a copolymer of tetrafluorethylene and perfluoroalkoxyethylene. PFA stands for perfluoalkoxy and has temperature resistance upto 200° celcius. FEP is a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and hexafluoroethylene. FEP stands for fluorinated ethylene propylene and has temperature resistance up to 180° celcius.
In the chemical industry, both fluoropolymers - PTFE and PFA / FEP - are used mainly in the form of linings. For simple shapes, such as pipes, bends, t-pieces or reduction joints, PTFE is generally used. Using PTFE for lining of complicated shapes, such as valves is more difficult.
PFA / FEP, a thermoplastic material with a well-defined melting point, is processed by means of injection molding. This method enables very precise wall-thicknesses to be achieved, with tolerances of less than 0.5 mm, even at tight radii and in undercuts. Practically no mechanical finishing is needed for lined parts.
PFA / FEP Properties Include:
Chemical Inertness
Negligible Moisture Resistance
Stress - Cracking Resistance
Wide Service Temperature Range
Better Sealing & Wear Resistance Between Parts - It Is Mouldable & Machinable To Close Tolerances.
Kns lining materials are impervious to all but a few rarely encountered corrosive media. Fluctuations in processing temperatures or chemical concentration have little or no effect on lns lined products.
There is no use to stock & match different alloys valves for every application thus saving on valve inventory and avoiding costly installation errors.
PFA / FEP have features that make it extremely attractive as a liner for corrosive applications. In addition, PFA / FEP have been found to be better in handling some monomers such as butadiene thus permitting the use of PFA / FEP lined products on wider range of applications.
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