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Decades of experience in development& manufacturing molded non metallic pumps have paved way for PFA / FEP lined pumps designed as
per ISO standard.
Linings made of PFA / FEP are an excellent alternative to high alloy, expensive metal pumps thus justifies LUCKY SEAL design philosophy to
design pumps that are simple rugged and reliable using the most appropriate materials.
PFA is a copolymer of Tetrafluorethylene and Perfluoroalkoxyethylene. PFA stands for Perfluoalkoxy and has temperature resistance upto 200° Celcius.
FEP is a copolymer of Tetrafluoroethylene and Hexafluoroethylene. FEP stands for Ethylene Propylene and has temperature resistance upto 180° Celsius.
PFA / FEP is justifiably material of choice as Compared to PTFE due to several advantages.
PFA / FEP is processed in a transfer moldings operation as a result, the lining wall thickness can be accurately defined and reproduced.
PFA / FEP is almost transparent and therefore permits much more reliable quality control.
PFA / FEP has dense molecular structure hence has much lower permeation rates than PTFE with the same wall thickness but it has the same chemical resistance properties.
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