Company Profile

We "Lucky Seal Engineering" Gujarat - a company formed by group of engineers exclusively for mechanical seal & pump manufacture & service.

We are a team of excellent field engineers having uptodate hands-on training of mechanicalseal &relatedaccessries, with timetestedseal selection procedure, strict quality control & fairly big list of satisfied customers, we have established ourselves very strongly in the mechanical seal market globally

We have manufactured & supplied mechanical seal right from a simple seal for automobile application to a high pressure & high temperature boiler feed pump seal the various industries that we have served are oil refinery, petrochemical plants, chemical plants, fertilizers plants, pulp & paper plants, sugar plants, power generation, dairy plants, acid plants, practically all the industry who have a rotating shaft needing seling

The various type of mechanical seals offered by us are balance seal, unbalance seal, single coil & multi- spring seals, inside & outside mounted seals, agitators seals, double seals, tandem seal & even seals & oll type pump, metalic pumps, non metalic pums, polypropylene pump, PFA (Teflon) FEP (Teflon) pvdflined pumps & pump part & service.

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